A multidirectional career path leads to many possibilities! This complements a strong and diverse professional network across industry, academia and government. If Spatialised can’t help, we can connect you to people who can.

Operationalising research – ‘full stack’ science

Trained as a field scientist with a heavy engineering and cal/val focus, working on earth systems from centimetre to ocean basin scales, experienced in building and working with international research teams, and experienced in creating web-based data services – I can help you bring research ideas to life – from grant applications to production service delivery. In essence, I can help you build and execute ‘full stack’ science projects – helping your work out into the world where it can do the most good.

Open source geospatial data service consulting

With a deep insight into the open source geospatial community, OGC data services and web technologies, Spatialised can advise your organisation on delivering a spatial data infrastructure using open source software; and help you to build it. Open architectures not only help build and drive innovative (and profitable) business, they enable and empower diverse, strong, local communities. This is always a team effort, since no one human or organisation can know all the things. Let me help you design open systems, and pull together teams which are able to deliver both the technical and community-building components.

Technical training and mentorship

I’m a certified Software Carpentry instructor, and bring a hands-on ‘build up from the basics’ approach to skills development and training. My day to day toolkit is made of Python and command line GIS tools (eg. PDAL, GDAL), interactive notebooks which encourage exploratory coding and analysis, and a sprinkle of Javascript magic dust. I’m also happy to deliver workshops using an open source desktop analysis toolkit: QGIS, postGIS, cloudcompare, meshlab, or the plan old bash command line (who remembers making maps in GMT?)

Logistics, field support and project management

With four Antarctic expeditions in charge of research group logistics under the belt; and a track record of field innovation in sea ice research, I can help you design and execute field research programs which work. In Antarctic research, deadlines are hard and you can’t go down to the shop if you forget something. I can help you keep complex projects on track, managing multiple competing priorities and personalities.

Purposeful rewilding

As an experienced guide and lifetime adventurer with a solid appreciation of how it feels to be under the hammer in day to day life, I appreciate any opportunities I have to re-wild myself. Wilderness immersion is a critical need for all humans – and can help your approach to business and all of life. I’m not ready to lead wilderness expedtions yet – I need to reacquire wilderness first responder certifications and appropriate insurances. However, I’m happy to come and talk to your business about why purposeful rewilding is important for us all. Actually, head over to for more…

Board membership and advisory roles

I sit on the organising committee of the inaugural FOSS4G SotM Oceania Conference, and on the steering committee for Earth Observation Australia. I’m an experienced navigator of consensus with a strong focus on ethical business; digital, environmental and human rights; diversity and of course, ensuring that doing business is as fun as possible!