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What we do

Spatialised is a ‘deep generalist’ shop for geospatial research and decision support. We bring capabilities from orbit-level strategy to on-ground data collection. No strategy works if it is unrealistic to implement on the ground!

Collaboration and co-development is key – we listen, a lot. For many tasks Spatialised draws on a strong network of expertise in open geospatial systems and practice; rigorous software engineering; cartographic practice and data management practice.

If you’re seeking high level guidance:

With experience in research data collection, analysis and peer-reviewed publishing, plus petascale data management and data ethics Spatialised can help with:

  • Geospatial / earth systems / geomatics research
  • Building and managing great teams
  • Ethical data systems (FAIRER Data and geoprivacy)
  • Strategic geospatial vision development
  • Open, agile project management
  • Navigating consensus and leadership

If you need data:

Fieldwork is funwork, and the more challenging the better. With experience as a wilderness guide, designing and executing polar field experiments in both the Arctic and Antarctic, and professional remote pilot qualifications we can help with:

  • Field mission design and logistics
  • Building and managing great teams
  • Design and collection for scaling from ground observations to airborne to space
  • Finding and using open data sources to assist with planning and analysis
  • Remote area data collection including RPAS piloting up to 25kg, thermal imaging, ground-based data collection and mapping

See our toolkit for some ideas of what equipment / scenarios are possible.

Spatialised can also help locate open data sources and services for your projects, if you don’t need to head outside!

If your data need context, analysis and visualisation:

Once you have data, let us help figure out what it means. Depending on the scale of the project this work will be handled in house, or with a team of trusted partners:

  • Point cloud and raster processing at large or small scales
  • Terrain, vegetation, and landscape analysis / reporting
  • Bespoke cartographic design
  • Data fusion
  • Data workflow building and troubleshooting

If you’d like to level up your game:

Level up your geospatial game with bespoke training, workshops and mentoring:

  • Open source 3D photogrammetry, lidar and analysis tools (OpenDroneMap, PDAL, Entwine, Python, GDAL, QGIS)
  • Data models and open standards
  • Open / agile / remote team building and management
  • Cartography and cartocrafting. Serious play!

If you need an application built:

Have your open source geospatial workflows made real! Spatialised operates as a project manager for this type of work, using technical partners to do the engineering.

  • System design and architecture using open standards for data processing at any scale
  • Design for in house or in cloud or both
  • Spatialised partners with dedicated open source engineering shops to make sure things just work.

…and finally, if you need more deep play in your life

This is pretty much all of us! Talk to us about purposeful rewilding – deep play is necessary for everyone, and we never get enough. We’d love to help fill your deep play bucket.