Spatialised is a framework which allows Dr Adam Steer to accept payments for services outside a normal day job. What types of things can we offer – or create opportunities for? With a strong professional network, if Spatialised can’t help, we can connect you to people who can.

Open source geospatial data service consulting

With a deep insight into OGC data services and web technologies, Spatialised can advise your organisation on delivering a spatial data infrastructure using open source software. This is always a team effort, since no one human or organisation can know all the things.

Technical training and mentorship

I’m a certified Software Carpentry instructor, and bring a hands-on ‘build up from the basics’ approach to skills development and training. My day to day toolkit is made of Python, and interactive code notebooks which encourage exploratory coding and analysis.

Logistics and field support

As an experienced guide and lifetime adventurer, and with four Antarctic expeditions in charge of research group logistics under the belt, I can help you design and execute field research; or just make the most out of  your time in the wilderness. Wilderness immersion is a critical need for all humans – and can help not just your sense of ego and adventure; but your approach to business and all of life

Agile mentorship

I have also worked in agile teams for a number of years, and can offer coaching and leadership on what works, what hasn’t, and how to craft an agile approach which works for your team

Board membership and advisory roles

I sit on the organising committee of the FOSS4G SotM Oceania Conference, and on the steering committee for Earth Observation Australia; in addition to my role in the executive leadership team at Synthesis Technologies. I’m an experienced navigator of consensus with a strong focus on ethical business; digital, environmental and human rights; diversity and of course, ensuring that doing business is as fun as possible!