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Spatialised is a consultancy operated by Dr Adam Steer. The philosophy behind the business is clearly articulated as: 

Move purposefully, and fix things

Alyssa Wright, FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018

Spatialised draws on career experience across research, planning, logistics, training and technical ‘thing building’ – weaving deep technology and complex science into practical applications and compelling user stories; understanding and navigating complexity; focussing on ethical and pragmatic innovation. This is reflected in the services we offer.

With strong global connections in geospatial and ethical data communities, and proven community-building experience, Spatialised is able to build collaborative, distributed teams to tackle projects at any scale.

Adam’s CV can be found here; his research profile is on ResearchGate. Examples of code and training materials are out in public on github and gitlab. You can also follow Spatialised on the fediverse – or read Adam’s work on personal evolution, bikes and politics.

Nuts and bolts

Spatialised is operated as a sole trader (sole proprietership) business in Australia, ABN: 69 632 365 687. It is registered for GST – which clients outside Australia do not need to pay. We’ll tell you if a quote includes GST or not.

Preferred invoicing time is 15 days. We’re not fussed about which currency is used, although we operate in Australian dollars and will add conversion fees to any invoice.

Our schedule of fees varies according to the job and client. We prefer to quote day rates, it is cheaper for us and for you. We do not compete on price. Depending on the job we may ask for a 30% kickoff fee before we start work.

We meet obligations under Australian consumer protection law. Because you’re included in the process from start to finish, we aim to catch any issues before they become issues!

We operate using agile-like workflows. That means we work with you toward an end goal until the funding runs out, continuously prioritising tasking to ensure that a useful deliverable is always an outcome.

Support Spatialised

Much of what you read here is in the exploratory / unfunded projects space – things done because they’re potentially helpful rather than because a client has paid for them. All the massive point cloud work, terrain visualisation in QGIS, and drone mapping work falls into this space unless it specifically mentions a funding source. If you find them useful, please support the creation of more! You can donate/set up a recurring subscription via Stripe:

…or if you prefer, via Paypal (just click this link)