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Spatialised is a consultancy operated by Dr Adam Steer. The philosophy behind the business is clearly articulated as: 

Move purposefully, and fix things

Alyssa Wright, FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018

Spatialised takes a deep generalist approach – drawing on career experience across planning, logistics, training and technical ‘thing building’ – weaving deep technology and complex science into practical applications and compelling user stories; understanding and navigating complexity; focussing on ethical and pragmatic innovation. This is reflected in the services we offer.

With strong global connections in geospatial and ethical data communities, and proven community-building experience, Spatialised is able to build collaborative, distributed teams to tackle projects at any scale.

Adam’s full electronic resume can be found here; his research profile is on ResearchGate. Examples of code and training materials are out in public on github. You can also follow Spatialised on Twitter; or read Adam’s work on personal evolution, bikes and politics.