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Spatialised is a geospatial strategy, data science and field research / data collection business, specialising in open source geospatial tools, open data and data standards. Spatialised comes from ‘full stack earth systems research’ – meaning the whole circle from strategy and design to implementing projects to analysing the results and presenting them visually, orally and in writing. Then feeding the boots on ground efforts back into strategy.

Spatialised takes a deep generalist approach, with a bias toward mountain systems and cryospheres. Research-grade rigour is applied to everything we do, which backs on to research-grade caution about our capabilities. With an earth systems research background we understand that the natural world is going to overflow any boxes we try to build it into; and data are messy. Growing better insights and maintainable systems is our mantra.

Spatialised content remains ad free, and only tracks you for statistics purposes unless you choose to log in to anything. You won’t be asked to subscribe. You can if you want to, or you can visit planet.osgeo – which federates new posts from us, and many other sources. That’s possibly your best way to keep track of news from Spatialised and around the open geospatial world.

Support our work

Spatialised is able to operate as a per-job consultancy, or a service contract provider, or something in between. Go check out our service offerings and get in touch.

We invest time in supporting the geospatial community. Much of what you read at this website is work we’ve done the work so you can benefit from our experience. If you’ve found value in the work we publish, there are Stripe and Paypal links at the bottom of the About page. We’d also love to know that an adware-free, pay-what-its-worth business model works! It will help Spatialised to keep giving.