Drawing on nine years experience as a field scientist and data analyst, I’m able to design and execute field surveys and sampling strategies which acquire the data you need first time around.

Further, I can help you tell the story of your project to a range of audiences with high level writing, data analysis and visualisation skills. And then navigate you through getting your data into persistent storage and enabling web-based data services for delivery.

I am an experienced and capable group leader in remote regions, leading and managing groups in mainland Australia’s high country, Tasmania’s iconic Overland Track, and the pack ice zone in Antarctica and the Arctic across his career

I come equipped with a high level of outdoor skills, mechanical aptitude and fitness, able to access and operate in environments from polar regions to deserts to snow and ice to rock faces to dense bush.

Professional qualifications

I hold the following current professional qualifications:

  • Remote pilot license (25kg multirotor) (CASA, 2019)
  • Software carpentry instructor (Software Carpentries, 2018)
  • Chainsaw operation and maintenance (Tasmanian Government, 2007)
  • Avalanche safety management level 1, equivalent to ARM level 5 / CAA ops 1 (Otago Polytechnic, 2006)
  • APSI level 1 telemark ski instructor (APSI, 2019)

I’ve held remote area first aid and helicopter underwater escape certification in the past. If your task requires specific certification let us know, and we’ll look at how to level up our game!


The Spatialised open source analysis toolkit includes:

Adam has also worked with:

  • Agisoft Photoscan
  • LAStools
  • Terrasolid/Microstation
  • Waypoint GrafNav
  • eCognition

Spatialised does not own copies of these. If you can provide the software we can help work through your analysis tasks.


We own, and use regularly:

  • Parrot ANAFI thermal aircraft, using Pix4D planner and manual flight control for mapping / inspection, 80 minutes flight worth of batteries.
  • Professional-level camping, snow safety and climbing / rope access equipment.
  • Reliable 4WD
  • 72cc modern chainsaw with service tools
  • Laptops/tablets/phones suitable for field data collection and analysis

Adam has worked in the field with the following equipment, which can be hired as needed or delivered:

  • Leica 1200-series and Leica MC-500 GPS, including RTK operation for 1200-series.
  • Trimble 5700 and NetR9 GPS
  • Leica system Viva TS15 robotic total station, programming and operation
  • OxTS RT-series inertial navigation systems, Riegl LMS-q240 2D laser scanner, Nikon and Hasselblad aerial cameras
  • Various commercial-grade GPS units, including waypoint and route uploads and downloads, programming and navigation
  • Petrol and electric powerheads for ice drilling and coring (using Kovaks coring and drilling bits)
  • Specialised transport and load hauling equipment for snow and ice – fjeldpulken, skis, snowshoes, fuel drum sleds