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Spatialised offers training and support for open source geospatial tooling, either remotely or in person. I am a certified Software Carpentry instructor, with experience in bespoke workshop design and delivery.

Aircraft-to-analysis: data collection and analysis with small remotely piloted aircraft

Spatialised is currently developing an ‘aircraft to analysis’ course designed to help you prepare flights, collect data, and interpret results using open source tooling and small remotely piloted aircraft. Please get in touch if you’d like to hear more about this one, and we can get cracking on making it ready to deliver!

Learn the Point Data Abstraction Library + Entwine

If you’re managing point clouds at any scale, reach out – we can help you get started on a path to license-and-subscription free point cloud happiness.

Adam is a co-author of the standard PDAL workshop, with experience in delivering the material at international conferences. Bespoke workshops based on specific tasks can also be developed, for example the 2018 FOSS4G SotM Oceania PDAL workshop.

Repeatable geospatial analysis using Python, Jupyter notebooks, and git

Spatialised works in Python for geospatial analysis. Using Jupyter notebooks helps us quickly build, test and demonstrate workflow and analytical thinking. It also gives us a way to make all our work repeatable. See a whole pile of examples here. We can cover:

  • Point, raster, and vector analysis in Python
  • Using web-based services for open data
  • Using functions to organise your analytical processes
  • Version control with git

We can help you set up python environments and get working, in both research and business domains. Reach out for details!

Quantum GIS (QGIS)

Using existing material (eg Kurt Menke’s Discover QGIS 3.x) or custom made courseware Spatialised can deliver a practical introduction to cartography and data analysis using QGIS. An example can be seen in this half-day workshop using QGIS to analyse and explore data held on Australia’s National Computational Infrastructure.

We also cover rendering data-as-art in QGIS using layer styling, map design, and mashing up data from numerous sources.

Presentation building in RevealJS

RevealJS is an open source presentation system built in Javascript. It is very straightforward, with powerful results. Spatialised can help you build your awesome online-ready presentations – like these: