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These products are made from stuff that happens in the course of geo-fu that happens at Spatialised. Please enjoy decorating your life with them! A percentage of all profits at Spatialised goes to supporting the open source geospatial community, usually via event sponsorships. As business grows, we’ll give more away to different places, with a strong focus on reducing inequality and restoring biodiversity across our one planet.

Unlimited stock prints are made by Printful, and payments are handled by WooCommerce, Paypal and Stripe. Sales tax should be automagically handled at checkout (in Australia you will be charged GST, everywhere else should be tax free). Products are shipped from Europe or the continental United States of America. It generally takes two weeks for test prints to arrive in a remote town in Australia, using tracked DHL shipping.

Prices are in Australian dollars. When we figure out selectable currencies we’ll make it happen.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties! And reach out if you’re in need of some bespoke / one off work.