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Art made with data, love and open source tools. All the mappy stuff here has QGIS in the workflow, and some gets right into the weeds of data processing with GDAL and PDAL. Everything – maps or not – is made with completely open source workflows. The other key tools in the box are GIMP and Inkscape – both incredible digital art tools that you can … just have.

We pay it forward by giving time – and hard cash when we can – to support open source geospatial communities. Whatever gets sold here helps us to do more of that!

Buy responsibly

As much as I’d love you to buy, display, wear things here (I have a very obvious interest in that!), please buy responsibly. Wear your old stuff out first, then come here to get what you need. Even if you’re just dying to grab the latest thing, or absolutely love a new design. Breathe, take 5. Or 10. Or six months, and come back when everything else is loved to death and you really need that piece to impress … yourself!