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After two and a half years in Norway, I’m back in Australia and open for new clients and projects! Right now I’m based in northeastern Victoria, moving around a bit in the Bright / Wodonga / Wangaratta region. I’m open for permanent/ongoing roles as well as contracting, partnerships, and collaborations.

Look around this website for geospatial and research focussed work with some design, cartography and digital illustration – and head over to for examples of writing and thinking on far broader scales.

What’s on offer?

Field data collection, operations and group management

With years of experience in research design and remote area data collection from detailed snowpits to measuring stuff with rulers to geophysical surveys to GNSS, lidar, drone, and helicopter operations, I can slot into your team or assemble a team. I have a full class C drivers license, 4WD experience, 25kg RePL, AROC, and chainsaw operation tickets. I can also do risk analysis, safety briefings, in field safety management with experience running field training on sea ice in Northern Norway, and developing risk analyses / undertaking safety assessments for polar operations. I’m happy to recertify my WFA and whatever else is needed, as work requires. Spatialised is a Mergin Maps partner

Strategic / advisory / leadership consulting / directorship

A diverse career gives diverse insight into many issues which surround us. My key value proposition here is addressing hard questions based on lived experence, complemented by training in psychology and earth system science – bringing it all to bear to help shed light on organisational, social and technological problems. Some examples of my approach to the world are here: ; here: ; and here:

I’m also an experienced director of NGO or similar small to medium, ethically focussed organisations – I was a founding director of OSGeo Oceania, and I am currently an elected director of the US-based Open Geospatial Software Foundation (OSGeo). Both are volunteer roles, concerned with promoting open, inclusive and transparent governance models as well as sustaining a diverse and widespread community.

Workshop facilitation / event building

If you want an ethical, inclusive and open workshop delivered – or need someone to help deliver one, reach out. I’ve co-organised open geospatial conferences and research workshops, with a focus on empowering attendees and making sure everyone is included and heard. A recent example is described here:

Geospatial research, analysis, reporting, cartography, drone mapping

This is the bread and butter, cracking out QGIS, GDAL, PDAL and Python to get stuff done. Big stuff, small stuff, up to you. My specialty is terrain analysis – see, for example: And flying drones in tricky places. Browse around in this website for examples.

Science communication

Need complex concepts put into words or art? Reach out. Some examples are;; and this Pint of Science talk: I’m comfortable with public speaking, and happy to help work with research groups to find ways to communicate your stuff!


I can build and deliver bespoke geospatial training using open source tools; or help you deliver your material. I’m a certified software carpentry instructor, and ski instructor – with experience delivering workshops at local and international conferences as a consultant; and to researchers as part of my former role at Australia’s National Computational Infrastructure.

Shuttle driving / guiding

I have a full drivers license with a passenger accreditation, and decades of backcountry snow and bush experience – I can get your group to the mountains, out into the mountains and back again safely.

Just about anything

Need a pair of solid, smart, hardworking hands – or know a mate who knows a mate who needs a pair of hands for a day or more for just about anything in northeastern Victoria? Get in touch!

My value proposition

A key part of my value proposition is a breadth and depth of experience. Much of what you read above comes from years of acquired experience mixed with formal training, I’m highly aware of where my limits lie, and where limits of many of my approaches lie. And I know when and where to ask for help. I’ve used so many different tools for my work that learning as I go is a key skill. If I don’t know how to use specialised data collection widget X, I will soon… or I’ll hire a specialist!

I’d love to do all of these things in collaboration. As well as getting in touch about work, please reach out if you think we’d be stronger together!

Head over to my contact page, or find me on linkedin, mastodon, twitter…

The sales pitch

Spatialised is a fully independent consulting business. Everything you see here is open for you to use and reuse, without ads. WordPress sets a few cookies for statistics aggregation, we use those to see how many visitors we got and how popular things are.

If you find the content here useful to your business or research or billion dollar startup idea, you can support production of ideas and open source geo-recipes via Paypal, hire me to do stuff; or hire me to talk about stuff.