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On the move

Spatialised will be pretty nomadic for the rest of 2019. July, most of August and most of September will be spent in Benambra, Victoria. Where the hell is that? Right about on the marker below… up in the great dividing range, not far from Mt Hotham and Falls Creek – which is a pretty good place to be in winter.

In late August I’ll be in Bucharest, Romania – delivering a workshop and talk about the PDAL + Entwine ecosystem. It’d be great to catch up with you there!

From late September to late October we’ll all be in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. We’re going to an adventure family summit, then staying for a few weeks because we can. Again – if you’re in the neighbourhood and want to talk about / collaborate on open source mappy goodness, drop me a line.

After October?

We don’t know yet. Someplace with internet…

…or not.

The sales pitch

Spatialised is a fully independent consulting business currently in hibernation / very much slow down mode. The tutorials and write-ups here are free for you to use, without ads or tracking.

If you find the content here useful to your business or research or billion dollar startup idea, you can support production of ideas and open source geo-recipes via Paypal or Patreon; or hire me to do stuff; or hire me to talk about stuff; or buy stuff from the store; or just give me a seat on your advisory board and a 1% stake.

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