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More sea ice reconstructions

Because we all focus so hard while writing workshops for FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018, right? Here are a couple more ‘fun with sea ice’ visualisations. There’s nothing really scientific about these, they’re based on some proof of concept work which is very slowly iterating toward science.

So, just enjoy! Firstly, SIPEX II Ice station 7 – made from crossing-over flights.

It’s pretty! And you’ll notice that all the heights are referenced to an ellipsoid. It’s not a rigorous science dataset in this incarnation.

Next, a strip mapping test over progressively thin ice at the edge of a polynya:

You can see the ice getting progressively darker toward viewers right, as it thins. If you view by elevation – you can also see some inherent issues with single-strip mapping and loose camera calibration – it’s pretty warped. So we learn, see if it works, and hopefully get to try again another day.