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When one door closes, another opens

I’ve wrapped up full time work for Synthesis Technologies – we had a fundamental disagreement about my role in the company. Which is OK – this happens in any job.

After 12 months, we had a good idea of where we worked together well and where we didn’t. It became obvious that a long term relationship was never going to be viable, and we nutted out a solution before any vesting arrangements fell into place.

I’ve got some reflection to do on whether my own ego got in the way of a good thing; and hopefully team Synth have some reflection on how they engage with future domain specialists.

I’m subcontracting back to the company to complete a current project, so as the Synth door closes, another opens – I’m available for consulting work via Spatialised, and would love to hear of any projects you need a hand with. More news about other background projects will also come soon…

All the best, team Synth Techno – and thanks for the experience!