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In a pretty big life and operations change, I’ve moved to Tromsø, Norway until at least mid-2023. I’m working as a postdoctoral researcher for the Norsk Polarinstitutt on sea ice physical processes in the Nansen Legacy Project – focussed on the Northern Barents Sea.

This means that Spatialised now has to work around visa requirements, a day job, fieldwork and powder days – which seems like a OK tradeoff – it means we settle nicely into the niche of artisanal geoconsulting!

What can we do in this new environment?

  • Field data collection in unusual / hard places, ground truth surveys, and developing innovative data collection methods with a focus on ethical community engagement / human power.
  • Scientific consulting services, especially related to the crysophere (frozen stuff).
  • Research and advisory services around mapping, ethics and community building
  • Maps and data visualisations, including illustrations unrelated to maps at all and art prints made of map stuff
  • Open source geospatial training packages – delivery needs to be coordinated well in advance, although working in central Europe time should make scheduling easier.
  • ANAFI thermal aircraft operations for mapping/inspection/filming/photography under Norway’s RO1 piloting rules, and will look at relicensing once Norway aligns with EU licensing in 2021.
  • Compute power – a fresh Metabox Prime Ai with capacity to process almost anything and is happy to run for days if it lives in the basement – so yes, churning out maps and 3D models from photographs is a thing.

…so pretty much all the things, but less of them for a while.

Some interesting side projects are also on the cooker – which might lead anywhere (the feature image for this post is a huge hint!). In the mean time, if you’re in the market for some artisanal geoconsulting, bespoke organic data manipulation, carefully curated maps and data and illustrations, or polar expedition operations – get in touch!

The sales pitch

Spatialised is a fully independent consulting business. Everything you see here is open for you to use and reuse, without ads. WordPress sets a few cookies for statistics aggregation, we use those to see how many visitors we got and how popular things are.

If you find the content here useful to your business or research or billion dollar startup idea, you can support production of ideas and open source geo-recipes via Paypal, hire me to do stuff; or hire me to talk about stuff.