Hi. Spatialised is a consultancy operated by me – Dr Adam Steer.

I’ve worked with spatial and remote sensing tools since 2005, taking up an honours program at the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies (University of Tasmania). I’d left behind a life in linux server administration, web site and database development to chasing the icy realms of Antarctica. In 2007 I worked on my first sea ice research cruise, providing logistics and technical support to the Australian sea ice physics research program. Since then I’ve had the privilege of heading south for three further voyages to work on an incredible part of our planet.

This led to a doctorate in surveying based on LiDAR and structure-from-motion terrain reconstruction from aerial imagery over Antarctic sea ice. This had some unique surveying challenges – the target (sea ice) is constantly in motion, and occupies a moving reference surface (the ocean). It also had unique logistics and team building challenges – forging field teams from whoever was on the ship; creating networks for access to equipment from multiple international institutions; and ‘selling’ an audacious plan to highly renowned international researchers, each with their own agenda.

Since finishing my PhD, I’ve developed and delivered training on Open Geospatial Consortium web based data services for Australia’s National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) supercomputing facility. I’ve worked at the coal face of a small startup working toward massive point cloud utilisation for situational awareness in defence use cases. I’ve also delivered workshops at local and international conferences, and helped revive an open source geospatial software community in Australia – on the organising committee for FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018; and starting the #geobeersCBR community.

I’ve also worked as a professional guide, bike mechanic, shed hand, picker/packer, builder’s labourer, liftie, backpacker’s hostel manager, dishwasher, lab assistant. Life has been full, diverse, and kind.

My aim with Spatialised is to apply all of this experience to your organisational, strategic, spatial and data analysis problems.

My full electronic resume can be found at Linkedin. You can also follow me on Twitter; or read my other blog about bikes and life and politics.