A model of a model of a world



My little people Joe and Oli came up with this amazing landscape, which they called Meerkat world. The meerkats live in a house (a square structure constructed from baskets just left of centre), below a volcano which sticks up out of the snow. A lake drains out to a waterfall, which then flows to a beach off which a pirate ship is anchored. Clearly, there are sharks near the ship!

On the left of the meerkat house is a maze, which prevents tigers and lions from getting to the meerkat house and wreaking havoc. I particularly enjoy the multi-material aspect of their work – the variety of objects used to create Meerkat world is astounding!

An ordinary photo is no justice for this work, so I modelled it instead. This took 89 photos, which were used to generated 15 000 000 points and just over 1 000 000 polygons. Now to find a way to let you interact with this world via plas.io or maybe even straight up three.js. Oh, and overcoming file size limitations on my web host!