More sea ice reconstructions

Because we all focus so hard while writing workshops for FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2018, right? Here are a couple more ‘fun with sea ice’ visualisations. There’s nothing really scientific about these, they’re based on some proof of concept work which is very slowly iterating toward science. So, just enjoy! Firstly, SIPEX II Ice station 7 […]

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Open AgTech – a prelude

I recently attended to a workshop on AgTech innovation, hosted by the Canberra Innovation Network and the US Embassy. It was a fun and really useful day out – hearing stories about what drives the agriculture sector, what they see as innovative, and how niches in the sector are filled by innovators literally ‘on the […]

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FOSS4G 2018: wait, what?

In late August I went to FOSS4G2018, held in conjunction with the HOTOSM summit in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I’ve been privileged to attend three of these events in a row now, and this one is incredibly difficult to wrap up neatly and put a bow around. Why is this so? Phew. The first question is […]

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Business penguins

I’ve been to Antarctica four times, and seen a lot of penguins. I’ve also worked in various places for more than a couple of decades now, and seen a lot of penguins. I am also trained in behavioural psychology – so I observe things about behaviour and see patterns. I can’t not! Anyway. One of […]

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16 bit to 8 bit RGB colours with PDAL and Python

Sometimes LAS files have RGB values stored as 16 bit colours. This currently upsets the Potree viewer, and maybe some other things. The following recipe using Python and PDAL ‘eightbitifies’ colours. It also compresses incoming LAS files to LAZ. PDAL has a neat filters.python option, which passes every incoming point into a python function. Flexible huh? […]

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Sea ice and beer

A while ago I mentioned that I would write something about sea ice. The context was a talk I gave at the 2017 Pint of Science festival in Canberra. It was really quite fun, despite being totally terrified and full of the ‘what ifs’… ten minutes before stepping in. Thanks to some great tips from […]

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